Every year is always an "adventure"; it's the only word that really accurately describes/encompasses the whole experience end-to-end. It's definitely not a "vacation" in the traditional sense. It's also easy to describe almost every year as simultaneously the best and the worst trip ever. Hence, "adventure."


Mad scientist mechanics happening over here.


The uHaul + Camp Trailer combo.

The original plan was to leave Tuesday morning from Carson City, however, being part of a core camp crew we had plenty of packing left to do. Pre-playa activities for me began with uHaul pickup and loading in SF, camp gear pickup in Berkeley, more camp gear pickup in Tahoe and then final staging in Carson City / loading the camp trailor. View the album. (This album requires a password)

Hexayurt v6

We arrived on the playa on Thursday evening. Friday and Saturday was spent both adjusting to the desert climate and assisting camp set up wherever possible. Sunday morning (~6am) it was time to set up my house, a hexayurt, which would be the 6th time erecting it.


Some highlights in this version:

  1. Solar System - 6 x 100W (instead of 2 in 2017) Solar Panel System with 4 x 100ah capacity, 3000W Continuous Sine Wave Inverter and MPPT charging. During the day around prime-time (i.e. around noon) was able to generate 19.7 amps of charge, making it possible to run 2 swamp coolers, an AC (on fan mode) and charge a segway while still having left over to charge the battery bank.
  2. Wall-to-Wall Rubber Interlocking Floor - Picked up panels from Dick's Sporting Goods and fit wall-to-wall, makes for easy clean up and comfortable living space.
  3. An Actual Couch - Not an inflatable one like previous years, but a real leather couch. 

View the album.

Playa Art


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Propane Night